Closing ceremony

Dear all, The Ministry of Education as well as the Institute of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic is proud to host the 1st Lotfi Zadeh Olympiad. We hope that you have enjoyed it as we did. However, as in the old saying, “All good things… Read More »Closing ceremony

Day 4 (Informatics contest)

On December 23, the International Olympiad named after prominent scientist Lotfi Zadeh was organized. The Olympiad in Informatics was held online with the participation of 93 students from 16 countries. Azerbaijani schoolchildren joined the Olympiad from ADA University. Note that the participants were given 4… Read More »Day 4 (Informatics contest)

Day 3 (Mathematics contest)

Today, contestants from different countries joined the competition and are asked to solve 4 Mathematics problems. The exam is held in 2 sessions. The organizing committee observed the participants by connecting online.

Olympiad Day 2

On the 21st of December, a Practice tour for the Informatics subject and technical check for Mathematics subject were held during the 1st International Lotfi Zadeh Olympiad. We thank all the participating countries and wish success to the participants.

Opening ceremony

Dear participants, We are happy to announce the start of the 1st International Lotfi Zadeh Olympiad, which will take place online between 20-25 of December! Today is Day 1 and you can access the opening ceremony through the following link: https://youtu.be/XvE8Ovh5FqY We wish all the… Read More »Opening ceremony