Abundant in natural resources, known for its centuries-old history and outspoken hospitality, Azerbaijan is a country linking Asia to Europe that has traditionally played an important role in the Caspian Basin and the Caucasus. Washed by the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan shares borders with five nations. With a population of 10 million 127,1 thousand (estimated as of March 2021) and an area covering 86.6 thousand square kilometers it is the largest country in the South Caucasus.

The sheer amount of natural features like Waterfalls, lakes, natural reserves and the wildlife of Azerbaijan all create a fascinating country indeed. Ancient forts, palaces, memorial sites and rock carvings dating back to the Stone Age, as well as the famous Zoroastrian shrine are no less interesting adding to the country’s unique charm. Places with access to natural fire, sacred to the area’s indigenous residents, have retained their significance throughout the centuries and found their way into the country’s real name – Azerbaijan – the Land of Fire.